Earthquake Drill

earthquake drill

Mayor Karen along with Mayor pro-tem Lynn Schilaty are sequestered with city staff durning the earthquake drill ready to make policy decisions as they learn of hypothetical scenarios of destruction around the city.

You can read about the county wide drill HeraldNet.

I’m In with Hillary!

with Hillary

My son Chris and his wife Becky treated me to a meeting with Hillary at a fundraiser in Bellevue. Her talk was inspirational and now it’s historical! She has my vote and looking forward to celebrating the election of our first woman president.


ribbon cutting

“One of the railroad’s lasting legacies to the people of Snohomish is now this public commons with the many civic activities that are gathered along its length. With the County’s purchase that we celebrate today we can anticipate adding 12 miles and future connections to a broader network of regional trails. First, connecting our Centennial trail at First Street, then heading the trail south across the valley – eventually connecting with the wine country of Woodinville.” From Mayor Karen’s address at the ribbon cutting celebration.

Read more in the Herald.

Mayor Guzak in the News!

mayor karen guzak

Front page story in the Herald written by Amy Nile, photographs by Dan Bates

“You can get further on a smile than almost anything,” she said, holding a pose as she reminded her class to breathe through it on sunny Tuesday morning earlier this month.”

Looking Back to 2008:

mayor karen guzak
Randy Hamlin steps down as mayor.

mayor karen guzak
Newly elected Mayor Karen takes the center seat.

city council 2008

Snohomish City Council: (L-R) Lynn Schilaty, Randy Hamilton, Karen Guzak, Creg Guedel, Dean Randall, and Tom Hamilton, November 2008.

Kiss that Frog

mayor karen, groundfrog day, snohomish

GroundFrog Day, Snohomish 98290

Get it into your head
He’s living with you he sleeps in your bed
Can’t you hear beyond the croaking
Don’t you know that I’m not joking

Aah, you think you won’t, I think you will
Don’t you know that this tongue can kill

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon
Lady kiss that frog

Peter Gabriel

Karen supports Patty Murray

karen guzak + patty murray

Karen and Warner attended a Patty Murray fundraiser for her reelection to the U.S. Senate. Held at the Historic Hartley Mansion in Everett, Karen was acknowledge by Patty as a Mayor in attendance before her short talk. Pushing his way forward with his iPhone ready, Warner was one of the first to reach Senator Murray, telling her quickly that her acceptance speech in 1992 was one of his first dates with Karen. Patty was impressed and both smiles tell the rest of the story.

Click here to support Patty Murray on Facebook.

“American Dreams” Released!

angelarmsworks image

ken and paige

Composer Ken Benshoof and cellist Paige Stockley pose for photos to wrap up a wonderful evening of music, surrounded by the happiness of accomplishment — for Paige, producing the group’s first CD, “American Dreams,” was a 12 year project.

Follow this link to purchase the music on a disk or MP3 file.

Stand Up for This Place!

Mayor Karen was selected to give the opening and closing remarks for Forterra’s Annual Awards Breakfast, held at the Convention Center in Seattle on Tuesday morning, May 19th, 2015. To close the meeting, Karen asked approximately 1700 attendees to literally Stand-up! “To push your chairs back, and Stand-Up for this place matters.”

Karen is currently serving her eighth year on Snohomish’s City Council and for the past six years she has served as the Major, elected three times by her colleagues on council.

April Doings

karen guzak, suzan delbene

Karen hosted a fundraiser for Congresswoman Suzan Delbene on April 20th at her AngelArmsWorks Studio. Co-hosts included Christine Wakefield and Todd Nichols, along with Linda and Tom Adams.

A good showing of supporters turned up to hear the Congresswoman give a thorough account of her recent activity in the House.

Please visit her website for the details including this video clip.

The next afternoon, Tuesday, April 21, Mayor Karen led the dedication of the Avenue D/Bickford Round-About accompanied by city staff, council members and guests — a brave crew all standing in wet, windy weather.

Mayor Karen with representatives from WDOT and Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)

The brave crowd