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HEADER IMAGE: Winter Solstice 2020 snow storm — bring on 2021, we’re ready!

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AngelArmsWorks is the name Karen and Warner gave to their renovation of the former Saint Michael Catholic Church on the corner of Third and Avenue B in Snohomish, Washington.

Dedicated in 1889 as the first Catholic Church of Snohomish County, the parish had outgrown its historic home just shy of its Centennial Anniversary. In 1986, it was sold to a private party, then sold again and eventually the now secular property was sold in a bankruptcy auction to Karen Guzak, the only bidder.

Karen’s attraction to the large space was to continue creating her artworks of oversize paintings as pictured below, however, her first project in the new studio was a public art commission from the Bellevue Arts Commission to create artworks for 140th Avenue NE.

Karen came up with a proposal for bus stop shelters pictured in the models above. A short movie explaining her approach to the project titled, “Seasons’ Shelters,” may be viewed below.

It’s a combination of a studio shot taken in 2002 of Karen with her painting “Steller Zone” (42 x 72 inches wide, 1996); and a video produced by Bellevue TV of Karen’s 140th Avenue Public Art Project in Bellevue, 2008.

Follow this link to view a gallery of photos of “Season’s Shelters.”

And follow this link to view Karen’s extensive first website, hand-built by her webguy in 2008.

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Renovation happened in two phases, first the rectory in 1993 and then the church in 2000.

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