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In the Arms of the Angels

AngelArmsWorks is the name Karen and Warner gave to their renovation of the former St Michael Catholic Church on the corner of Third and Avenue B in Snohomish, Washington.

Dedicated in 1889 as the first Catholic Church of Snohomish County, the parish had outgrown its historic home just shy of its Centennial Anniversary. In 1986, it was sold to a private party, then sold again and eventually the now secular property was sold in a bankruptcy auction to Karen Guzak, the only bidder.

Renovation happened in two phases, first the rectory in 1993 and then the church in 2000. On Sunday, July 13, 2003, Seattle musician Stuart Dempster gave our first studio concert. For ten summers we presented three concerts, one each in June, July and August, which we called: “Second Sunday Studio Concerts in Snohomish” — or something like that.

Today we present only random concerts as the spirit and artist’s availability dictate.

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Karen Guzak

Artist. Yogi. Councilmember.

karen guzak
Karen in the Arms of the Angels

I remember the day I was inspired to create my first painting. I wore a plastic apron and surrounded myself with tempera paints. I painted a giant sun disc and when I finished, I had this huge sense of Wow!

Over the years Karen has exhibited extensively nationally and abroad; in galleries, museums, and beyond. She has been commissioned to create numerous public art projects for the King County Council Chambers in Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Overlake Transit Center in Redmond and more.

Always drawn to leadership roles, Karen taught art at Seattle Pacific University, The Factory of Visual Art, and at Centrum in Port Townsend. She has also been very active in the Northwest art scene as the President of the board of Artist Trust.

In 1989 Guzak found herself in need of a community of artists. While most of us might join a club, Karen found a warehouse and converted it into artist’s live/work spaces: Sunny Arms Artist Cooperative, (named for its proximity to the Sunny Jim peanut butter factory) where she lived and worked.

A few years later she did a repeat performance, renovating a building into the Union Art Cooperative developed with Gene and Lois Graham.


I started yoga when I was 50. I wasn’t at home with how I wanted to be in my body. After a while, I realized that in order to really commit to yoga in a meaningful way, I needed to teach. I opened a studio. I thought it would be helpful for the community. I love spreading the principals of yoga. It’s all about creating peace of mind and passing it on.

And it is. Yoga Circle Studio is successful business, offering over 25 yoga classes a week.

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Pose #11: Karen celebrating 75 years.

In junior high I was the president of the student council. I was very interested, even then, in taking a leadership role and being of service.
Community service is a great opportunity for spiritual growth, working for a more peaceful, effective, celebratory community. It’s a big art project that improves the quality of life for a lot of people.

Bringing the same passion to the table, Karen’s leadership role grew, resulting in her recent election as Mayor of Snohomish for her sixth two year term.

I want to have my life count for something. I want to make a positive impact in some way. To make a difference.

And so she does. The wow that she felt as a four-year-old after her first painting of the sun is the resounding feeling of anyone lucky enough to cross paths with her. Whether enjoying her art, collaborating with her on a project, being in her living/work space or feeling the impact of the positive community changes that she’s behind, the Guzak wow factor is huge.

Excerpts from “The He(art) of Community” by Lisa Halpern, published in The Cornish Magazine, InSight 2010

Warner Blake

Reverend Chores

angelarmsworks image
angelarmsworks image

Behind every great woman there is a man painting her church…and other chores. It became known as the Church of Perpetual Chores.

Pictured are two selfies of Warner’s shadow on a 60′ boom lift taken seven years apart: 2007 on the left, and 2015 on the right.

Warner had to use a 65′ boom in ’07 in order to replace the cross, left behind by the Catholics, with a secular themed sculpture designed by Karen.

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Karen's steeple art, 2007.
warner blake
Video still from "Ferguson's Cottage."

Related to restoring the first Catholic Church of Snohomish, Warner began digging into the history of the town, primarily through historic photographs that resulted in his book “Early Snohomish,” published in 2007 by Arcadia Publishing.

Since then Warner has written a monthly blog, first titled Snohomish Then and Now which was published in the Snohomish County Tribune for seven years.

Currently the blog is flying under the flag of Snohomish Stories where he has begun to tell the stories on video.

J.S. White, Our First Architect: Documenting White’s Surviving Structures from 19th Century Snohomish, is the working title of Warner’s current book project. Collaborating on this project is Seattle architectural photographer, Otto Greule, who has created 10 portraits of White’s surviving buildings and homes; and, we are happy to report that the fine art book is available now to pre-order before it’s release on July 13, 2017.

js white book pre order

In 1982, with a background that includes teaching scenic design at Boston University and Reed College in Portland, Oregon, Warner established an independent studio in Seattle.

warner blake's storyteller
The Blind Storyteller

There, in 1990, he presented the first of his experiment puppet theater pieces set on a large conference table with seating for 12 guests. The work grew to become The SoupTalks Trilogy and in 1996 it was proudly presented at the Henson International Festival of Puppet Theater in New York City.

Events + Happenings


Spirit of Snohomish Award

Spirit of Snohomish Award

Spirit of Snohomish – Karen Guzak, Yoga Circle Studio “Recognizing her devotion and commitment to improving our City for the benefit of residents and businesses.” Karen’s pictured with Marci Volmer, Board President, and Rod Ashley, the past president.

Karen Resigns as Mayor of Snohomish

Karen Resigns as Mayor of Snohomish

Dear Friends, I have offered my resignation as mayor, and gave Council, with its new configuration, an opportunity to select a new mayor that will serve until our change of government in the fall. Council elected Tom Hamilton last night. I believe he will do a fine job in this transition period. I have loved…

Karen Guzak, the leader

Karen Guzak, the leader

Coffee with the Mayor

Held at the library on Karen’s Birthday, May 21, a question about Snohomish water rates inspired Warner to put together a thumbnail history of our water system.

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Where is AngelArmsWorks Located

Historic Downtown Snohomish